Fun facts about 2018 Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics just concluded in South Korea a few days back. Over the years fun facts about the Olympic winter games have only grown – and well, it has been a fun list to make. Wondering what we have in store for you this year?

The Top Fun Facts About Winter Olympics 2018

Here are few fun facts about the game to let you relive the excitement once again!

The Use of Artificial Snow

Winter Olympics is no fun without some snow- but what if it doesn’t snow?


Well, then you use artificial snow like used in Lake Placid for winter Olympics in 1980!


That’s one of the best ways to help you especially when it comes to events that need snow to be completed. And with an unpredictable weather the world over, it really is one of the things that you cannot just leave to fate.

Two Nations Make Peace

You must be aware of the strained relations between the neighbors of South and North Korea. Strangely, the winter Olympics 2018 have brought the two countries closer and they are participating under a single flag.


But this is not the first time though- both countries competed together in World Soccer and Table Tennis championships back in 1991. It is to be seen just how permanent the peace is this time, especially with North Korea declaring that it is willing to hold talks with the United States.


But there is Always Room for Controversy


Not everything is as peaceful as two nations making peace for the game. We give you some dose of controversy and you would be surprised to know that it involves Russia.


Russian athletes pulled out from the competition due to their approval of a national dope program. The athletes can take part only if they can prove they are clean but still they cannot get any medals if they win- they will be participating under a neutral flag!


Heavy Weight Medals of Winter Olympics 2018


We have another incentive for the winners-


The medals are the heaviest this year with gold weighing 1.29 pounds, silver accounting for 1.28 pounds and bronze for 1.09 pounds. Looks like South Korea is a great place after all!


Oh and not to mention, the organizers created 157 extra sets of medals for some unknown purpose!


Use and Throw Stadium that Costs $109 Million


South Korea invested a huge amount of money for the winter games including building a new stadium which can seat 35,000 fans costing a staggering $109 million.


The stadium is built only for the purpose of the 2018 winter Olympics and will be destroyed after the event is over.


South Korea’s Effort to Make Athletes Warm and Cozy during Winter Games


It seems that South Korea has taken an extra step to make things a bit exciting for the athletes-


The winter Olympic organizers handed out 110,000 condoms to participants setting a new record in the history of winter games.


There are 2,925 athletes will be staying for 16 days in South Korea and the number of condoms they got is enough to have sex for 37 times!

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